Scrap Metal Recycling and Analyzing

Our scrap metal recycling and analyzing service is available to help you get rid of the scrap metals you don’t need anymore. In the process, we ensure that you make good money for it and also contribute in no little way to environmental sustainability.

Why We Are the Best in Scrap Metal Recycling and Analysis

At ADJ metals, we put our clients ahead in all our plans. This is why we ensure that you don’t have to deal with awkward or uncomfortable ways to transport your scrap metals. With us, you won’t need to worry about renting a truck or doing several hard work such as lifting and carrying heavy loads on your own. Our customer-centric scrap metal recycling service comes with a specialized truck that ensures that we can meet you wherever you are and make the necessary pickups for you. After which, we immediately send your scrap to our industrial scrap metal recycling and analyze foundries where they will be used as raw materials.

How We Analyze Your Scrap Metal

We can count on two different weighing options: on-the-spot or certified weights. We also provide containers, drums, boxes, tote boxes, or any other type of container that you may need for measurement. But firstly, we will analyze your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal by sorting them and separating them by their composition. Their price will be estimated with a chemical tests that will classify them by type, composition: iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, brass, or bronze. Our scrap metal recycling process is tailored to maintaining close communication with our clients and to guarantee satisfactory operations.

We have all the appropriate instruments for the transfer, separation, analysis, and treatment of your ferrous materials and waste. Despite that, our method of scrap metal recycling and analyzes undergoes constant reviews. This is to ensure that the scrap metal recycling process which include analysis of materials and their classification, inventory management, and transfer of materials not only bring about environmental sustainability, but also improve our customer service.

As an established scrap metal recycling and analyzes company, we have about 4 decades of commitment to a global vision and economics of scrap metal recycling and environmental sustainability. We are providing a new use to scrap metals so that your waste can be satisfactorily reincorporated to the market for the creation of new goods and supporting the reduction of polluting factors of the environment. In addition, metal recycling activities reduces future production costs and forms an integral part of production.

Our vision is to raise awareness of the value of scrap metal recycling and its ability of scrap to become useful as a reusable good, and thus contribute to reducing the footprint of pollution on the planet.

Contact us for a free quote for your next project, we accept all kinds of metal and turn away no business – no matter how large or small your job may be. Remember we offer the best market prices in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. You can get a great deal for the waste materials you don’t need.