Machinery Disassembly & Removal

Leave everything in the hands of ADJ Metals’ professional machinery disassembly team. They will handle and take care of the disassembly of your old machinery to ensure it is done properly and without injury. Our team will go to wherever you are in New Jersey, New York, and the Pennsylvania area and do the machinery disassembly and removal job for you. Our task will also include the removal of pieces that require harder work. We will make sure to withdraw them from your premises immediately and ensure your safety against accidents.

Why ADJ Metals for your Machinery Disassembly and Removal?

We aim to recover, restore and regenerate components directly from waste materials. Our company provides analysis of scrap and machinery services that could extend their useful life. We do this through a process of machinery disassembly to help extend the life of your old machinery.

Disassembling industrial machinery can be a complex process and must be carried out by experts. There is a big difference between handling materials for disassembly and handling materials that will only be dismantled. The increase in collective consciousness is indisputable. More and more people are entering the recycling business reducing the pollution footprint in cities and towns.

Disassembly of Machines vs Machinery Dismantling

Machine dismantling meaning can be easily confused with machinery disassembly meaning. In most cases, the machine dismantling procedure is carried out on machines and is applied to waste machinery and disused structures to save most of the materials that are used as raw materials. The parts are disassembled and analyzed and their economic value is estimated. Then they are transferred to comply with industry best practices for a proper process of recycling.

Machinery disassembly is carried out on machinery that can be restored and reused. This specialized process tries to extend the useful life of a product and its components to reduce their anticipated renewal. Our team of experts will provide timely advice for the best decision-making regarding the management of your waste and machinery at any level. It all starts with rigorous planning to proceed with the mechanical disassembly, analysis, and evaluation of the components. It is understood in the industry that while anyone can dismantle a machine, industrial dismantling is a job for professionals.

Planning on Disassembling/Dismantling your Machines or Factory?

The mechanical disassembly is carried out by our team in permanent communication with our advisors and clients. This ensured that the work is efficiently carried out and there is proper evaluation of the materials, their degree of purity, and commercial estimation. The dismantling of industrial facilities and domestic use waste metals of any kind that can no longer be reused are sent to foundry plants. They are used there as raw materials in new production processes. In this way, they are reintegrated back into the market.

We deal with all types of industrial and domestic machinery, of any kind. Our mission is to provide the most complete service to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. We take care of your scrap in each phase of the recycling process, from its dismantling and disassembly to the final destruction of those materials that cannot be reused.

Contact us and let us do the whole work for you. We can help you get money from machinery and materials that no longer generate any income or profit.