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Our team of metal recycling experts takes pride in their ability to take scraps off our yards and turn them into something of more value. We offer competitive market-value scrap metal prices and strive to teach clients about scrap metal management and the sustainability benefit of the recycling of metals. As a business that once started its metal recycling services on the back of a pickup truck, ADJ Metals has grown to a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles covering major cities in the United States of America. And with over 10 decades of professional experience in the American metal recycling industry, we employ the industrial best practices in recycling scrap metal.

Metal recycling services play a vital role in reducing the environmental impact of metal production and conserving natural resources. They collect, sort, process, and recycle various types of scrap metal, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Here’s a general overview of the metal recycling process:

Scrap Collection

Scrap metal is collected from various sources, such as construction sites, automotive workshops, manufacturing industries, and residential areas. Individuals, businesses, and municipal waste management systems can all contribute to metal recycling.

Scrap Metal Sorting

Collected scrap metal is sorted into different categories based on its composition, such as ferrous (iron and steel) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) metals. This process can involve visual inspection, magnets (to separate ferrous metals), and advanced sorting technologies like eddy current separators.

Scrap Metal Processing

Once the metals are sorted, they are processed to prepare for recycling. This can include:

  • Scrap Shredding: Scrap metal is shredded into smaller pieces to facilitate melting.
  • Metal Baling: Metal is compressed into large blocks to make handling and transportation easier.
  • Scrap Metal Shearing: Large pieces of scrap metal are cut into smaller sections using hydraulic shears.
  • Scrap Metal Granulating: Metal is broken down into small particles using specialized machines.

Scrap Metal Melting

Processed scrap metal is melted in a furnace at high temperatures. The type of furnace and temperature vary depending on the metal being recycled. The molten metal is then purified and refined to remove impurities and contaminants.

Metal Casting

The purified molten metal is poured into molds or casts, where it solidifies into ingots, bars, or other shapes. These forms are then transported to manufacturing industries to be used in the production of new metal products.

Recycled Metal Sale

Recycled metal is sold to manufacturers who use it as raw material for producing various products, such as automotive parts, construction materials, packaging, and electronics.

Finally, metal recycling services contribute to a circular economy and help reduce the overall carbon footprint of metal production. Recycling metals requires less energy than extracting them from ores, which results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced environmental impact. Our knowledgeable staff is capable of handling small scrap metal jobs to industrial metal recycling projects.

Metal Recycling and Scrap Management Service

Scrap Metal Buyer

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Adj Metals Scrap Management Services

ADJ Metals Scrap Management Services

Learn how to properly manage your scrap metals, what is their use and how to make the best of your waste materials by having a consultation with us

Tailored Recycling Experience

Tailored Recycling Experience

Get a personalized recycling experience for your metal waste that adjusts to your specific needs and requirements, besides providing a new opportunity for metals reuse.

Machinery Disassembly & Removal

Machinery Disassembly & Removal

Let our team of experts do the proper dis-assembly and later removal of scrap metals or machinery from your premises without any injury. We can do it.

Scrap Metal Recycling And Analyzing

Scrap Metal Recycling and Analyzing

Get your scrap metals picked up wherever you are to be analyzed, sorted and classified according to their quality, value and composition for an appropriate recycling process