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ADJ Metals is a fourth-generation family-owned metal recycling company located in New Jersey. Our team of scrap experts takes pride in their ability to offer competitive market-value scrap metal prices and strives to teach clients about scrap management. As a business that once started on the back of a pickup truck, ADJ Metals has grown to a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. Our knowledgeable staff is capable of handling small metal management jobs to industrial metal projects.

Scrap Metal Recycling and Analyzing

Scrap Metal Recycling and Analyzing

Get your scrap metals picked up wherever you are to be analyzed, sorted and classified according to their quality, value and composition for an appropriate recycling process

Machinery Disassembly & Removal

Machinery Disassembly & Removal

Let our team of experts do the proper dis-assembly and later removal of scrap metals or machinery from your premises without any injury. We can do it.

Tailored Recycling Experience

Tailored Recycling Experience

Get a personalized recycling experience for your metal waste that adjusts to your specific needs and requirements, besides providing a new opportunity for metals reuse.

ADJ Metals Scrap Management Services

ADJ Metals Scrap Management Services

Learn how to properly manage your scrap metals, what is their use and how to make the best of your waste materials by having a consultation with us

kick those scrap metal out of your next project

Utilize the scrap experts at ADJ Metals and our decades of experience to help build a plan for your next big project. Our team can help consult on a strategy to store, weigh, and haul away your scrap metal so that you can focus on working in a clean, safe, and debris-free environment.

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